Must Read- Dec. 10, 2013: 2010 Income Taxes, George Zimmerman, KC Chiefs Racist Sign

CREATED Dec 10, 2013

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Nelson Mandela:
President Obama is heading to South Africa to speak at Nelson Mandela's funeral.

Unlike Mandela's passing, President Obama did not attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

A South Carolina Sheriff will not lower the United States flag for Nelson Mandela's passing quoting flag etiquette.

2010 Income Tax:
The Congressional Business office released 2010 income tax numbers.  The results are shocking.

George Zimmerman:
George Zimmerman's girlfriend wants to drop felony aggravated assault charges against him and wants to be with him.

KC Chiefs:
A Sonic in Belton, MO placed a sign outside the restaurant supporting the Kansas City Chiefs that caused a little controversy.

Al Sharpton:
Saturday Night Live took a moment this weekend to poke fun of Al Sharpton.

Wind Farms:
President Obama is picking who rules apply to when it comes to energy and killing a protected species.

Christmas Surprise:
Canada's WestJet provided surprise Christmas gifts for all of their passengers.

There are new revelations that people could possibly loose their medications they rely on under the new Obamacare rules.

Volunteer Fire departments could be hurt under Obamacare restrictions.