Must Read- Dec. 2, 2013: Gay Waitress, Obamacare Website, Boeing Tax Break

CREATED Dec. 2, 2013

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Gay Waitress:
Dayna Morales is a waitress in New Jersey who claims she was not given a tip because she is gay. Her friends say she is a compulsive liar.

The Pentagon is saying Morales was discharged from the marines "under conditions that were other than honorable."

Her employer has suspended her until their investigation is over.


Obamacare Website:
The Obama administration says the error rate for is now under 1%

Governor Nixon is asking for a special session to give Boeing tax breaks for moving to Missouri.

Shopkick is an app that lets you collect points for walking in stores.  You can redeem these points for free stuff.

Black Friday:
Black Friday always brings out the best in the human race.