Must Read- Dec. 4, 2013: Boeing Special Session, MSU Nerf Guns, Education Rankings

CREATED Dec 4, 2013

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Boeing Special Session:
Senator Bob Dixon, Representative Kevin Austin, and Representative Lyndall Fraker say they are supportive the government picking businesses to do favors for in Missouri.

Last night a Missouri Senate Committee passed incentives for Boeing.

Governor Nixon says not to worry about Missouri unions that they are on board with Boeing coming and giving them incentives as well.

Here are some of the details when it comes to the Missouri/ Boeing deal.

MSU/ Nerf Guns:
MSU students have a club where they play nerf games. Some students, teachers, and administrators are worried about the use of toy guns on campus during their Humans.Vs. Zombies games.

Kanye West:
Kanye West was on an Atlanta radio station to talk about his new clothing line.  He said he wants to be the "Obama of Clothing."

15-year-olds were tested across the world and America's education levels have slipped again.  The study showed that money on education does not equate to education level.