Must Read- Feb. 13, 2014: Valentine Abortions, Noah the Movie, Hitler

CREATED Feb 13, 2014

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Mr. Yens:
Mr. Yens has been shut down due to health code violations.

Valentine's Day:
Planned Parenthood posted a twitter video about "what women need" for Valentine's day, one of those things was safe and legal abortions.

Debt Limit:
Speaker John Boehner told House Republicans that they are going to agree to debt limit terms to help with elections.

Noah the Movie:
There are some different ideas between the studio and director when it comes to how the story of Noah should be presented on the big screen.

Author of the Week:
Could Hitler have escaped Germany at the end of World War II

San Diego Mayor:
Despite being overspent by his compedator San Diego Republican councilman Kevin Faulconer won the mayoral election.

Springfield Symphony:
The Springfield Symphony will perform "An Evening in Italy" this Saturday evening.