Must Read- Feb. 14, 2014: Paul Ryan's Retraction, Obamacare Mom Ad, Missing Airline

CREATED Mar 14, 2014

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  • Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) Image by MGN Online

Paul Ryan:
After liberals attacked what Paul Ryan said about inner cities, he is now backing down from his comments. 

They are now using the mom angle to push Obamacare on younger Americans. 

President will meet with young celebrities about Oabmacare but not his staff. 

John Kerry is giving Russia an ultimatum. 

Missouri Politics:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes Missouri legislation for its constitutionality.

A Missouri Representative wants parents to sign a consent form for children under 17 before they are allowed to tan. 

Missing Airline:
There are sources that are saying that the plane was flown off course and towards the middle east. 

VW workers are feeling pressure to unionize after the dust up between the union and the VW vote.