Must Read- Feb. 18, 2014: Forced Gay Marriage, MO Drug Database, MO Gun Bill

CREATED Feb 18, 2014

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Groupon declared Alexander Hamilton as a president during it's President's Day promotion.  They say that they did this intentionally to get people talking. 

MO Gun Bill:
Senator Nasheed added an amendment to Senate Bill 613 requiring stolen guns to be reported within 72 hours.  The NRA was not happy with this addition to the bill. 

Prescription Drug Database:
Missouri is the only state that does not track people's prescription drug use so lawmakers are thinking about creating a database for the state. The house voted for it 112-32 and now it moves to the senate.

Forced Gay Marriage:
The state of Washington has decided to dissolve same-sex domestic partnerships. Those still involved in a domestic partnership by June 30th will legally become married. 

Early Voting:
Petition signatures are being collected in Missouri to allow citizens to vote up to 6 weeks before an election. 

Springfield Police:
Under a bill passed by the Springfield Council, the Missouri National Guard will be activated to work with the Springfield Police to help combat drug crimes.  

What is Posse Comitatus?

Freedom of the Press:
The United States has fallen to 46th when it comes to press freedom. 

Ronald Reagan:
The College text book "Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives" has some very interesting things to say about President Reagan and Conservatives. 

Health Care:
An LA restaurant is charging customers a 3% surcharge to help cover the additional health care costs of its full-time employees.