Must Read- Feb. 20, 2014: Amber Alerts, MO Rep. on Common Core, FCC on Media Coverage

CREATED Feb 20, 2014

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Amber Alert:
It took 114 minutes for the Amber Alert for Hailey Owens to go out after her abduction. 

Forensic psychologist Scott Fraser explains how eyewitness testimony is not always as strong as it may seem. 

Hailey Owens Memorial Fund:
A memorial fund has been set up by family members at Empire Bank.  You can make a donation at locations in: Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Marshfield, Fair Grove, Republic, Pleasant Hope, Highlandville, Strafford, Battlefield. Or you can donate by mail: c/o Hailey Owens Memorial Fund, PO Box 3397, Springfield, MO 65808

A commissioner for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is speaking out about what their department is planning for the future when it comes to news funneled to Americans.

The United States has dropped from 32 to 46 when it comes to freedom of the press.  

Common Core: 
A Missouri Republican Representative thinks that those who disagree or question Common Core are cooks, so he added $8 into the budget to buy those people tin foil hats. 

You can contact Rep. Lair's leadership- speaker Tim Jones

Author of the Week:
What does it cost a nation when they deal with rogue regimes?

More stories come out when it comes to the affects of Obamacare. 

Enrollment is not as good as they had hoped. (Enrolled means you look into the service, not sign up). 

Hollywood filmmakers are saying that if the government doesn't give them a tax cut they are going to be forced to move.