Must Read- Feb. 24, 2014: Downtown Drinking, Threats to TV station over Obamacare Ads

CREATED Feb 24, 2014

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Missouri Republican:
During Missouri GOP's Lincoln Days, over the weekend, it was said that Republicans need to unite or the party will not be able to win elections. 

Springfield Downtown:
Tonight is the first reading in Springfield to relax liquor licenses in downtown Springfield.

Scott Walker:
Gov. Scott Walker refused to talk about secret emails saying that it's an old story. 

iPhone Update:
There's a flaw in the most recent Apple software, so they have released a software update patch to keep your personal information from hackers. 

Obamacare/ Media:
A Michigan woman was featured in a television ad saying she kicked off her insurance because of Obamacare.  Democrat Rep. Gary Peters and the media are teaming up to call this woman a liar.  

Rep. Gary Peters is threatening to use the FCC to shut down television stations that run this ad. 

These threats are interesting after an FCC commissioner announced plans they had (which have in turn be canceled now due to outcry) that they would require news rooms to explain why they cover news the way they do. 

After TN Volkswagen plan workers said "no thanks" to the UAW, they claim that the GOP interfered with this vote.