Must Read- Feb. 26, 2014: Immigrants Clean Hotels, Selling Motorcycles, Tornado Walls

CREATED Feb 26, 2014

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President Obama:
President Obama addressed the National Organization Summit saying that these volunteers are doing "God's work" and needs their help to push his political agenda.  

Bank Regulations:
New charts reveal that small banks in America are disappearing. 

Alex Sink is a Democrat candidate to represent Florida in Congress.  She has some big concerns about immigration in America. 

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan promised 24 times that people would be able to keep their current plans under Obamacare. Now, she is refusing to answer the question whether she knew that was a lie. 

During a town hall forum in Minnesota, Democrats were asked about why health care premiums are not what they were promised under Obamacare

A 51-year-old woman said she is quitting her job because Obamacare is quitting her teaching job because Obamacare is saving her money. 

Democrat Gary Peters called one American a liar for her story on how Obamacare is affecting her.  She decided to pay him a visit. Peter's in turn is trying to use the commercial she was in to silence the media from reporting anti-Obamacare commercials. 

Selling Motorcycles in Missouri:
Several lawmakers are trying to make it leagal to sell motorcycles in the state of Missouri- but only in Platte and Jackson County.

Church in Springfield:
Another private land owern who is trying to sell their property, which happens to be a church, is getting resistance from the city government. 

Tornado Wall:
A scientist believes that if we build giant great walls in the midwest we can keep tornadoes out.