Must Read- Feb. 27, 2014: Religious Rights Bills, Obama Horror Stories

CREATED Feb 27, 2014

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Medical Malpractice:
A representative has filed legislation that would once again put limits on how much people can receive during a medical malpractice suit. 

Religious Bill:
Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed Arizona's controversial religious rights bill.

A Missouri Senator has filed legislation like Arizona's just as Jan Brewer vetoed their religious rights bill. 

Same-sex couples from Springfield headed to Iowa to get married.  A local reporter pretend to be in a same-sex relationship and hunting for someone to discriminate against her. 

Author of the Week:
Will the collapse of marriage be America's downfall?

Senator Harry Reid said you are a liar if you think that Obamacare has caused your insurance to go up, you have had problems, or have been kicked off. 

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is a convicted terrorist for crimes in Israel.  She also worked as an Obamacare navigator. 

Democrat Gary Peters called one American a liar for her story on how Obamacare is affecting her.  She decided to pay him a visit. Peter's in turn is trying to use the commercial she was in to silence the media from reporting anti-Obamacare commercials. 

A Michigan man kills himself after putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. 

Russia/ Ukraine:
Here's the latest on Ukraine

A Russian war ship was mysteriously docked in Cuba on Wednesday.