Must Read- Feb. 28, 2014: Global Warming Rape, Minimum Wage, MO Obamacare Navigators

CREATED Feb 28, 2014

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Minimum Wage:
Ann Coulter believes she knows how to get America's minimum wage up to $14. 

Nutrition Guide:
People in the health field believe that the new nutrition food labels will cause people to eat healthier. 

While America asks its Olympic winners to pay tax money on their winnings, Russia gave its winners cash and a new Mercedes. 

Springfield council is talking about LGTB issues again. 

Missouri Politics:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes Missouri legislation for its constitutionality. 

SB498- Creates a private cause of action against navigators for unlawful release of private identifying information and requires health insurance navigators be bonded for purposes of paying any judgments awarded 

SB 508- Requires that an applicant for a navigator license must take an exam created by the Department of Insurance and submit to a criminal background check

SB 506- Requires that all fees collected under the Missouri Livestock Marketing Law not yield revenues greater than the cost of administration  

SB 651- Modifies provisions relating to communications services  

SB 653- Modifies provisions relating to municipal utility poles  

Speaker Tim Jones is trying to figure out his political future. 

Global Warming:
A panel on climate change says that murder, rape, assaults, and robberies will go up with global warming.