Must Read- Jan 10, 2014: Obamacare Orphans, Missouri Tax Lawsuit, Springfield Tax Legislation

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

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Unemployment Benefits:
On Tuesday, President Obama said that no one would pick long-term unemployment checks over a job. 

Nick Ibarra:
Former Springfield council member Nick Ibarra was sentenced to 120 days in prison after two separate incidences. 

People are finding themselves "orphans" under Obamacare with no records of them signing up for insurance. 

Missouri Taxes:
A lawsuit has be filed against Gov. Nixon's order on Missouri gay couples filing jointly. 

Al-Qaeda now controls more territory than ever before. 

Oklaahoma Legislation:
A new law was submitted in Oklaahoma allowing kids to have forms of fake guns in school without getting in trouble. 

Missouri Legislative Session:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes Missouri legislation for its constitutionality. 

Missouri's 2014 legislative session started on Wednesday.  

SB 607- Modifies ballot language for the public safety sales tax in Springfield. 

SB 507- Modifies the gubernatorial appointment process for acting directors and the process for filling vacancies in certain state public offices. 

4K Television:
Annoucements are being made about 4K television at CES.

Maryville Rape Case:
Matthew Barnett, the Missouri teen accused of raping a 14-year-old, pled guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment charges. 

In December Target annouced 40 million customers information had been stolen.  The number has now increased to 70 million.