Must Read- Jan 16, 2014: Springfield Police, Economic Freedom, Constitution

CREATED Jan 16, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 16, 2014

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  • Police car with flashing lights Image by MGN Online

Springfield Police:
Springfield police chief, Paul Williams, thinks that the Springfield police department needs more black officers and women so the force can be more diverse.

American Economics:
While most countries are growing when it comes to economic freedom, the United States is now only number 12 when it comes to economic freedom in 2014.

Author of the Week:
"For decades now, America has been investing ever-growing fortunes into its K-12 education system in exchange for steadily worse results."

Social Networking:
Rand Paul is the first member of congress to join Snapchat.

Over 11 million people between the ages of 13-24 have left Facebook since 2011.

National Politics:
President Obama told Senate Democrats that he will overrule congress if they get in his way.

John Boehner replied to Obama's comments by saying that Republicans will uphold the Constitution... and it kinda backfired on him.

Want pot and your in Colorado and on public assistance?  No problem, just use the money the government gives you to survive.

Oregon's Obamacare website is so jacked up, the state wants to just shut it down and hop onto the national exchange.