Must Read- Jan. 2, 2014: Greene Co. Investigation, Speaker Jones in SGF

CREATED Jan 2, 2014

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  • Police lights, crosshairs and Police tape background Image by MGN Online

Global Warming/ Climate Change:
A crew of 74 scientists, set to prove climate change, got stuck during their expedition near Antarctica.

Greene County Law Enforcement:
Greene Co. Prosecutor, Dan Patterson, released his findings on the deadly shooting of Joshua Ford by Greene County deputies.

Cuba Baseball:
Cuba baseball players will now get a salary for playing... but they will be taxed by the Cuban government.

Americans for Prosperity:
Missouri is number 42 in economic growth in the past 10 years. Americans for Prosperity want that to change and have introduced a Path to Prosperity.

Speaker Tim Jones:
Missouri Speaker of the House, Tim Jones, will be in Springfield today to talk about his 4G agenda for the 2014 session.

Beyonce's new single "XO" is making some upset due to the use of the Challenger explosion audio.

When it rains... it pours.

Taylor Swift:
Citizen in a Rhode Island community were pissed at Taylor Swift due to some construction on her new home.  Come to find out the government asked her to do it.

New York Mayor:
The inauguration of New York's new mayor was tightly-controlled.

De Blasio believes it's cruel to make horses pull people and wants to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York city.