Must Read- Jan. 22, 2014: MO Education, Spfld Home Invasions, Gay Teen Porn

CREATED Jan 22, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 22, 2014

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Missouri Education:
Democrat Governor Nixon wants another $493 million for education in the state of Missouri. He wants $278 of that to go to K-12, expand the pre-k program, freeze the tuition for public universities, and give more scholarship money to graduates.

Republican Senator Bob Dixon was behind a bill in the 2013 legislative session allowing for Greene County to add a new tax to expand the pre-k program. 

Willard is moving toward a new program of education called Standard Based Grading.

Common Core is getting a makeover in one state and funding from major power players.

Execute Obama:
Josh Black, a black Republican running for a Florida state office, is getting attention for his post that we should "arrest and hang high" President Obama.

Gay Porn:
18-year-old Robert Marucci turned to gay porn to help his family pay bills.  The high school he attended expelled him after finding out about the video.  The school has allowed him to come back after a staged walk-out to support Robert. 

Republican L. Brooks Patterson is the Oakland County Executive. His district butts up against Detroit and he has quite a few things to say about the city.  Some people are upset about what he said, but he's unapologetic.

Springfield Home Invasions:
There have been arrests in the home invasions in Springfield.  Police say they gained access to these homes through the garages.

A study lists Springfield as an unsafe city citing 1 in 17 will be affected by crime.

Target is joining the likes of Trader Joes, and Home Depot and will no longer offer health insurance to part-time workers.