Must Read- Jan. 3, 2014: Chamber attacks Tea Party, Patients Turned Away, Greene County Video

CREATED Jan 3, 2014

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Greene County Sheriff Department:
Greene County Sheriff Arnott has released the dash cam video of the shooting death of a citizen in early December. 

Some are calling for the Greene County Sheriff's office to release the investigation to an outside source. 

Chamber of Commerce:
The Chamber of Commerce is pledging $50 million to help boost establishment Republican candidates in the upcoming Senate races. 

Missouri 2014 Legislative Session:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes legislation in Missouri for its constitutionality.

House Bill 1094: Specifies that no person as a condition or continuation of employment can be required to engage in or cease engaging in specified labor organization practices 

Some are being turned away from hospitals because it is hard to tell if they are covered by Obamacare.

Supporters of Obamacare said that visits to the emergency room would decrease under the new health care law. 

Kate Holly, a mother in Oregon who has been an Obamacare supporter, is now realizing she cannot afford healthcare under Obama's plan. 

Fast & Furious:
December 18th a gunfight took place between Mexican authorities and cartel.  One of the guns used in the altercation was from the "Fast and Furious" program.