Must Read- Jan. 6, 2014: Boeing, Cultural Groups that are Better, NSA Class Action Lawsuit

CREATED Jan 6, 2014

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  • Boeing Airplane Image by MGN Online

Boeing 777X:
Boeing announced on Saturday that they are canceling their national search for the production of a 777X plant and will produce this new airliner in Washington.

Hillary Clinton:
General Wesley Clark sent an email regarding Hillary's campaign for 2016.

The ground is freezing in Canada due to the low temperatures and causing the ground to shake.

Tiger Mom:
The "Tiger Mom" has listed eight different cultural groups that have a higher chance of succeeding.

The Tiger Mom sources impulse control as one of her points for success.  The Marshmallow test was conducted years ago and shows something similar.

A New York judge has made a ruling that two friends can adopt a child.  This is the first ruling of its kind.

North Korea:
Dennis Rodman is giving Kim Jong Un a birthday present of American basketball players.

Kim Jong Un's uncle was killed not to long ago and now reports are coming out about how it happened.

Cracker Barrel Waitress:
A waitress receives a tip of $5,000 for her college tuition, $1,000 for personal use, and $100 cash after she shares her experience with the table.

NSA Class Action Lawsuit:
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) is going to file a class-action lawsuit against the NSA over their data collection program.