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June 11, 2014: Nixon on Taxes, Eric Cantor Loss, Bergdahl Blame

CREATED Jun 11, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 11, 2014

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Missouri Taxes:
A bill passed by the MO House and Senate would modify provisions relating to tax and allow for the state to notify business owners when they need to change their tax rate.  Governor Nixon is threatening to veto this bill.  

Eric Cantor Loss:
Last night Republican House Majority Leader from Virginia, Eric Cantor, lost to tea-party candidate David Brat. 

After push-back with Bergdahl's release- the blame is now being put on Chuck Hagel. 

There is some weird stuff around this story... 

Public School:
Oops. One group of kids from Chicago don't know the difference between our and are. 

Family Problems:
After a teen blocked her Aunt (custodial guardian) from Facebook, the Aunt created a fake profile.  The teen fell for the trap and then asked the aunt's fake profile to kill her family.