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June 19, 2014: Terrorists Mock Michelle, Washington Redskins, Gas Tax Increase

CREATED Jun 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 19, 2014

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  • Michelle Obama with Stars and stripes background Image by MGN Online

Dr. Oz Hearing:
Could Senator McCaskill have called Dr. Oz into a Capitol Hill hearing because of her ties to pharmaceutical companies that are competing against what he is promoting? 

The terrorist group ISIS is making fun of Michelle Obama and Americans by tweaking a picture of her.  ISIS confiscated a truck of humvees, tanks, helicopters, and weapons US troops left behind. 

George Clooney:
Rumors are George Clooney may possibly run for office. 

Peaceful Nations:
The Institute for Economics & Peace released the 2014 Global Peace Index and the US no longer ranks in the top 100. 

While a student was trying to do research for a paper on gun control, he learned that websites that leaned politically right were being blocked. 

Washington Redskins:
The feds have revoked the Washington Redskins trademark because they say it's racist.  The logo however remains intact. 

Author of the Week:
Matt Kibbe offers six simple rules for reclaiming our inalienable rights. 

Gas Tax:
Under a new bi-partisan proposal, federal gas tax would rise 12-cents and increase automatically with inflation.