Must Read- March 12, 2014: FL Special Election, Teen Tanning, Obama Video

CREATED Mar 12, 2014

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Missing Malaysia Airline:
New info is coming out regarding the missing airplane.  There are reports the airline was possibly off course before it disappeared.  Two women are also saying that they were invited into the cockpit by one of the pilots. 

Florida Special Election:
Florida held a special election yesterday for US House of Representatives.  Republican David Jolly pulled a victory for this seat. 

Flashback: In January it was reported that if Democrats lose this seat that it would be a sign that Obama may cause harm to Democrats across the country in November. 

Teen Tanning:
A Missouri Representative wants parents to sign a consent form for children under 17 before they are allowed to tan. 

President Obama:
The Obama administration asked to be on an online video show to talk about

Hillary Clinton:
A guy went around the DNC to see why people were excited about Hillary Clinton in 2016.  He got some interesting responses. 

If you want an exemption from Obamacare, you can most likely get one because the law is changing constantly.