Must Read- March 13, 2014: Abortion Legislation, Montana Petition, Sue Obama

CREATED Mar 13, 2014

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Missing Airline:
We are hearing more about missing Malaysia flight 370. 

One restaurant closes, and another opens a new location. 

Montana Elected Office:
A petition is circulating in Montana to require an equal number of men and women in the legislature. 

The Planned Parenthood representative in a committee hearing on HB1845 was against something in the bill that Planned Parenthood already does. 

Suing the President:
There is a new bill that would allow lawmakers to use the president if they fail to follow the law. 

Author of the week:
"The Lie is a nail-biting thriller, pulsing with insight into the inner workings of Israel’s secu­rity apparatus."

Springfield Symphony:
The next Springfield Symphony Ochestra performance "Seville, Sibelius, and Sean Chen" is this Saturday.