Must Read- March 24, 2014: Noah Controversy, China Visit, Clinton Poll

CREATED Mar 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 24, 2014

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Noah the Movie:
The director and the studio behind the movie Noah is calling it "the least biblical biblical film ever made."

There are reports that God is not even mentioned in the movie. 

Flight 370:
The pilot of the flight got a phone call from a pre-paid phone before takeoff. 

Some are saying that it's hard to find the plane because of global warming. 

Michelle Obama:
Michelle Obama, her mom, and two daughters are getting on the nerves of the staff at their expensive Beijing hotel. 

Joe Biden was not allowed to stay in the hotel Michelle Obama is staying because it was too expensive. 

Obama t-shirts were removed from street vendors along "The Great Wall." 

Hillary Clinton:
According to a new Gallup poll, the most positive thing about a Hillary Clinton presidency would be that she is a woman. 

A parent was called to her special-needs sons school after the teacher was having problems.  The principal then locked-down the school and called the cops to arrest her after she got there. 

The government is slowly trying to taking over the responsibility of raising your children. Flashback: a St. Louis school gave kids bracelets to monitor their fitness activity and sleep. 

Jeb Bush's name is being talked about for the Republican Presidential ticket. 

Train Accidents:
The number of people being struck by trains on train tracks has risen.