Must Read- March 25, 2014: Panhandlers, Obamacare Penalty, Aborted Babies

CREATED Mar 25, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 25, 2014

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Police say they aren't cracking down on panhandlers, people are just calling 911 more about them. 

Audio between the Southwest flight, that landed at the wrong Branson airport, and control tower has been released to the public. 

Officials are saying Flight 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean yet there is still no physical plane.

Johnny Weir:
Former figure skater, Johnny Weir, and estranged husband Victor Voronov's divorce has become pretty heated. 

9-11 Museum:
13 years after the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Centers, a museum dedicated to victims, survivors, and rescue workers will open. 

Drudge annouced he paid his Obamacare penalty and the White House  and media cliams he was lying... but what did they overlook?

Aborted Babies:
15,500 aborted babies were burned along with trash to create energy for heat in UK hospitals. 

Scott Walker:
Scott Walker posted Philippians 4:13 on social media.  Atheists are demanding he take it down. 

In a survey 5% of people admit to checking Facebook while having sex.