Must Read- March 3, 14: US Treaty with Ukraine, Springfield Petition, Taxes

CREATED Mar 3, 2014

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  • The Ukraine flag with what is believed to be a Russian soldier. Image by MGN Online

Son of God:
"Son of God" was projected to hit around $17 million this weekend.  It did much better than expected despite the quality of its production. 

SPD/ National Guard:
The people behind the Springfield Police and National Guard petition fell short of the amount of signatures needed to be validated.  They turned in 1,100 signatures but needed 1,144.  

2/3 of Americans haven't watched any of the movies nominated for best-picture at the Academy Awards. 

In 1994 America made an agreement with Ukraine that we would protect them if they gave up their nuclear weapons.  

In 2008 Sarah Palin said that if Obama was elected President, Putin would take advantage of the situation and invade Ukraine. 

Russia is saying that China is on their side when it comes to the invasion of Ukraine.

Muslims & Gays:
President Obama was pretty upset about the Olympics and Russia's stance on how the country treated gays.  However, he seemed to be okay with letting an anti-gay Muslim in America to raise money. 

Whose rights are right?  A lesbian was refused a haircut at a Muslim barber shop. 

Walmart, shoplifting, meth, and incest. 

The K-Mart on south Campbell will be shutting its doors in July. 

Republicans have been promising a certain tax cut for three years and now they are doing an about-face.