Must Read- March 4, 14: Obamacare Alternatives, Sen. Brian Nieves, Transphobia

CREATED Mar 4, 2014

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The Obamacare deadline is quickly approaching. Americans are saying they dissatisfied with Obamacare, some are finding an alternative in health care sharing ministries. 

The Obamacare law is being re-written once again and Obama is illegally altering the law. 

Minimum Wage:
Naquasia LeGrand has become the face of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. 

A US military base in Japan held its first drag show. 

Academy Awards:
Ellen DeGeneres is being called transphobic (Intense dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people) after her Academy Award joke about Liza Minnelli. 

Energy Efficient Buildings:
We are learning that buildings with LEED certification aren't always the most energy efficient buildings. 

Missouri Politics/ Senator Brian Nieves:
People are trying to figure out what is going on with Brian Nieves' Senate seat.  

Brian Nieves has been known to be a bit of a crazy hot-head. 

Fat Tuesday:
The Route 66 Candy Shop is offering free fudge on Fat Tuesday for people over 300 pounds.