Must Read- March 5, 14: Chipotle's Climate Change Warning, Transgender Student Lies, Taste of Adventure

CREATED Mar 5, 2014

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  • Climate Change with world behind it Image by MGN Online

Climate Change:
Chipotle is saying that climate change may cost the price of certain ingredients they provide, like guacamole, to rise and they don't know if they are willing to pay the added expense. 

A new study is showing that climate change will also cause more rapes and murders.

Transgender Student:
A transgender middle-school student claimed they were beaten up in the school's bathroom for their sexual preference.  It came out that this story was made up. 

On Jan 1st in California a new law was put into action allowing students to use whatever bathroom the feel lead to based on their sexual preference. 

A group of people tried to force a vote to overturn 1662 but fell short by around 130,000 signatures.

A couple takes their colicky child to a ski resort.  An upset neighbor wrote the couple a note saying next time leave your baby at home. 

Even in our technology age, some still don't know much about it. 

Lolita Grayson says her US Representative husband, Democrat Alan Grayson, pushes her and her children around.  She was given a restraining order by a judge. 

Johnny Weir, who was a Sochi Olympic figure skating commentator, appeared in court for a domestic dispute with his husband. 

Winston Churchill:
In 1946 Winston Churchill gave a warning to America. 

Ronald McDonald House:
The Ronald McDonald House is teaming up with Fellowship of Christian Athletes for Taste of Adventure. 

Cell Phone Kill Switch:
A bill was introduced to the House of Representatives to require cell phone companies to include a kill switch on smartphones.