Must Read- May 2, 2014: Tax Cut Veto, Springfield Pot Settlement, MO Obamacare Numbers

CREATED May 2, 2014 - UPDATED: May 2, 2014

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Springfield Pot Settlement:
After the City of Springfield voted in a marijuana citizen petition, they then rejected it... causing a stir.  The people behind the petition then sued the city.  The City of Springfield has settled with the people behind the petition. 

Tax Cuts:
Gov. Nixon has vetoed a tax cut for Missouri residents, again. 

Workers at Rogersville's Apple Market are threatening to walk after their hours have been cut due to the new health care law. 

Obamacare numbers for Missouri have been released. 

Under Civial Forfeiture laws, the IRS can just seize your money and then you have to fight to get it back. 

Journalists on Social Media:
A media monitor, and a staff of aids, follow journalists on social media and contact them when they do not agree with what they said.