Must Read- May 27, 2014: Water Slide Rumors, Racist Receipt, Health Insurance for Small Businesses

CREATED May 27, 2014 - UPDATED: May 27, 2014

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CIA Leak:
The White House accidentally leaked the name of a CIA agent. 

President Obama:
According to CNN's John King, Democrats are starting to point fingers at President Obama and calling him names. 

Tallest Water Slide:
After the delay of Kansas Cities Verrudkt water slide, rumors started surfacing.  Schlitterbahn says the rumors are just not true. 

Toni Jenkins worked at Red Lobster, she claims that a Tennessee man left her no tip and used the "n" word on the receipt.  The man, and handwriting experts say this was not written by him- so he is suing. 

Flashback: Here are false stories that have come from restaurant workers.

Rapper Wale is calling out Senator Harry Reid on his Twitter account for stirring up racism. 

Senate Seats:
Obama dislikes the idea that all states get 2 Senate seats. 

Obamacare/ Health Insurance: 
There is another new stipulation for small business owners and how they provide health insurance for their employees.