Must Read- May 28, 2014: Drug Cartel Message in TX, Tea Party Wins, CA Mass Shooting

CREATED May 28, 2014 - UPDATED: May 28, 2014

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Hepatitis Lawsuit:
Republic residents Donald and Melinda Call filled a lawsuit on Friday against Red Robin for allowing an employee to work with Hepatitis A. 

Drug Cartel:
In El Paso police are looking into mannequins hanging from billboards threatening law enforcement to take bribes or be killed. 

Texas Republican Primary:
Texas is one of the lowest taxed states, but Tea Party republicans ran on the fact that the state is taxed too much.  

Elliot Rodger Killing Spree:
Samuel Wurzelbacher "Joe the Plumber" wrote a letter to the parents of the victims murdered by California Teen Elliot Rodger. 

Fingers are being pointed as to who is to blame for the killings in California by Elliot Rodgers.

There is a Twitter movement after the mass shooting, some are trying to tie this issue into an attack on women. 

VA Scandal:
We are learning more about a VA out of Texas. 

School Lunch:
Michelle Obama's healthy eating program isn't going over so well in Boston.  

Springfield Public Schools will be giving away free "taxpayer funded" lunches to any child this summer under 18.

VIP Abortion Services:
An abortion clinic in New York is offering clients five-star services.