Must Read- May 7, 2014: MO Tax Cut, Graphic Sex-Ed Book, Senate Protesters

CREATED May 7, 2014 - UPDATED: May 7, 2014

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Mother's Day:
Moms get a free meal up to $10 at Hooters on Mother's Day with the purchase of a drink. 

VA Hospital:
The VA, a government run health system, has had around 40 people die while waiting for treatment.  There are requests for the resignation of the head of the VA system. Some are defending Shinseki.

Monica Lewinsky:
Lewinsky said now that she's 40 it's time she stop "tiptoeing around her past." 

MO Tax Cuts:
Missouri lawmakers have override Governor Nixon's veto of SB509 regarding tax cuts. 

Amy Blouin, the executive director of Missouri Budget Project, thinks that it's devastating to let Missouri residents have more of their own money. 

School Book on Sex:
A book called "It's Perfectly Normal" is graphically teaching kids about masturbation, sex, abortions, and more. Some parents are asking for this book to be pulled from schools. 

25-year old Emily Letts filmed herself getting an abortion. 

Missouri Protesters:
23 people were arrested yesterday after distrupting the Missouri Senate when it comes to Medicaid expansion discussion.