Must Read- May 8, 2014: Tanning Teens, Castle Doctrine, Sequestration Job Loss

CREATED May 8, 2014 - UPDATED: May 8, 2014

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Free Speech:
After HGTV announced the Benham twins would star in a new reality house-flipping show, Right Wing Watch took to action to pressure HGTV to cancel the show because of the brother's Christian beliefs.  HGTV canceled the show yesterday. 

A teacher in the Kansas City area is under review after things he posted on his personal twitter page. 

Remember during Sequestration the Obama administration was saying the world is going to end and everyone was going to lose their jobs?

In summer of 2013 Harry Reid said 1.6 Million jobs were already lost do to sequestration.

Castle Doctrine:
There is legislation to cover people like babysitters and visiting relatives in Missouri's Castle Doctrine. 

Tanning Teens:
The MO Senate passed a bill that would require parental signature for teens 17 and under if they wanted to tan. 

Author of the Week:
Tod Starnes of Fox News has released his new book.