Must Read- Nov. 12, 2013: Obamacare Numbers, Kill China skit, Common Core

CREATED Nov 12, 2013

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The Obama administration will change the definition of "enrolled" in Obamacare when the release the numbers of peopled signed up.

The numbers of people who have actually enrolled in Obamacare are not nearly what were expected at this point.

James O'Keefe has released an investigation into the Obamacare "navigators"

Nixa Schools:
Part of a $41,916 grant was given to Nixa Public Schools as part of the Cardiac Kids Program to check the health of 5th graders.

Jimmy Kimmel China Skit:
There are calls for Jimmy Kimmel to be fired after a skit where kids say we should kill everyone in China.

China unveiled a nuclear submarine and released a map of how far a nuclear attack could reach into the United States.

Greene County:
With Greene County worried about their finances, some are wondering why they don't sell property they own.

Common Core:
Some parents are worried about the politically charged lesson plans under Common Core.