Must Read- Nov. 19, 2013: Gay Marriage Tax Returns, Poo on Palin, John Doe Investigation

CREATED Nov 19, 2013

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MO Tax Code:
Gov. Nixon says that same-sex couples can file taxes jointly in Missouri. There is debate whether Nixon can break state law to do this.

Missouri Representative Nick Marshall (R-District 30) says he will file articles of impeachment against Gov. Nixon.

A Costco in California has labeled the Bible's in its store as fiction books.

George Zimmerman:
George Zimmerman was arrested on Monday for felony aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend.

Steve Helms:
Steve Helms is running for Greene County Presiding Commissioner, a seat which will be vacated by Jim Viebrock.

The Obamacare administration was warned in March that there were six tests that did not meet requirements.

Alabama Football:
An Alabama high school is in trouble for a banner at the football game that said "Hey Indians. Get ready to leave in a Trail of Tears round 2."

MSNBC is having a hard time controlling their hosts.  First, Alec Baldwin spews gay slurs at a photographer and now Martin Bashir is saying someone should crap in Sarah Palin's mouth.

John Doe Investigation:
Subpoenas are being issued for correspondence between conservative groups in Wisconsin and documents related to Scott Walker's campaign.  This is a secret investigation.

Detainees at Gitmo are living the high life.  They are learning about landscaping, calligraphy, and Microsoft Power Point.