Must Read- Nov. 25, 2013: Brittany Murphy Death Scandal, Shane Schoeller's Political Future

CREATED Nov 25, 2013

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  • Brittany Murphy performing for the USO

American Music Awards:
Racism was the buzz when it came to the American Music Awards. Rapper Macklemore talked about racial profiling and Kerry Perry was accused of being offensive.

Duke Lacross:
In 2006 Crystal Mangum accused three Duke lacross players of rape.  She was just sentenced to second degree murder; she will serve 14 years in prison for stabbing her boyfriend Reginald Daye.

Shannon Guess Richardson was arrested after trying to set up her husband, Nathaniel, by sending letters with ricin to well known politicians.

Brittany Murphy:
Actress Brittany Murphy died tragically in 2009.  Her husband died quickly after.  Some believe that they were killed by the federal government due to ties to whistleblower Julia Davis.

Today's "Hunger Game" government:
Missouri GOP chairman, Ed Martin, is comparing our government to the movie Hunger games.

Greene County Clerk:
Richard Struckoff has announced he will not run for re-election after 27 years.  Missouri Republican Party Executive Director, Shane Schoeller is considering running for the open position.

Greene County Cutbacks:
Greene County projected that they would have to layoff 27 employees after the use tax vote.  Now they are saying they will only have to eliminate 8.

Dr. Poppy Daniels:
Dr. Poppy Daniels specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy for women AND men, women's health and general gynecology.