Must Read- Nov. 27, 2013: Immigration Heckler, Thanksgiving Parade Controversy

CREATED Nov 27, 2013

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Ju Hong, an illegal immigrant heckled President Obama on his immigration policy.

Illegal immigrants aren't living in the shadows.

President Obama has violated the constitution before when it comes to executive actions. Will he do it again?  The Obama administration says they have no idea.

Rules could change when it comes to tax-exempt groups in attempt to change campaign contributions.

Thanksgiving Parade:
Eighty years ago balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade weren't cartoon characters from TV and movies.

Animals activists are threatening to protest at this year's thanksgiving parade over Sea World's "A Sea of Surprises" float.

OJ Simpson's manager is saying that Khloe Kardashian could possibly be OJ's love child with Kris Jenner.

Al Gore:
Gore's relationship with Hampton Creek Foods may be what has caused Al Gore to tell Forbes Magazine he's now a vegan.

White House:
Billionaire media mogul Haim Saban said he has valet parking at his house and wonders why he had to walk to the White House. 

Alec Baldwin:
Alec Baldwin's weekly MSNBC show has been canceled and he blames gay advocates.

Gun Laws:
A New York gun law doesn't go into action until January 15th, but people are already being arrested for it.