Must Read- Oct. 3, 2013: Obamacare Hardship Exemptions, Greene Co Use Tax

CREATED Oct 3, 2013

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Government Spying:
When the government spying program was made aware to citizens the Obama administration said it has stopped 54 terrorist threats.  Now it is being revealed it stopped 1, maybe 2 threats.

Government Shutdown:
Fox News' website is referring to the government shutdown as a slimdown since many government entities are still open and working.

The government shut down the part of the IRS that gives money back to citizens, but not the part that takes money.

WWII veterans ignored blockades at the WWII memorial.

Springfield Lockdown:
After a guy was denied benefits, he threatened to shoot up a school.  This caused several campuses to go on lockdown on Wednesday.  At the same time someone on the Drury Campus someone flashed a gun at someone parking. 

We are learning about hardship exemptions under the ACA.  These exemptions would keep you from having to pay the fee for not having healthcare coverage.

Jimmy Kimmel did a segment to see if people knew the difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Health Care Act.


Harry Reid put his foot in his mouth when it came to helping kids with cancer.

Shepherd of the Hills is citing federal health care as one of the many reasons they are closing.

Some signing up for Obamcare may end up with a cell phone.

Boehner was working with Democrats when it came to Obamacare exemptions.

Author of the Week:
"This inspirational and practical guide for conservatives combines stories from Lady Thatcher’s life with principles and strategies conservatives can apply to their challenges today."

Greene County Use Tax:
Elections are five weeks away and Greene County wants to implement a new use tax.