Must Read- Oct. 8, 2013: Ethanol, Fat Letters from Schools, Truckers To Shut Down America

CREATED Oct 8, 2013

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  • A semi truck along Interstate 70 near Booneville, Mo Image by MGN Online- KOMU Photos/ Anna Burkart

There is a hearing this week in MO to discuss increasing gasoline's ethanol blend from 10% ethanol to 15%.

There is a Kickstarter project called Tikker that counts down how long you will live.  Some are calling it the death watch.

Truckers in DC:
Over 3,000 truckers plan to clog up D.C.'s I-495 and shut down the city. 

Fat letters from School:
Schools have been talking the BMI of students and sending home "fat letters" to parents who have obese children.  Some of those kids getting these "fat letters" are not event fat.

September was childhood obesity month and schools in 19 states sent home these "fat letters."

Just for Fun: