Must Read- Sept. 17, 2013: Viebrock Not Running, Open Carry in MO, US arms al Qaeda

CREATED Sep 17, 2013

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  • Image by Jim Viebrock

Greene County Politics:
Greene County Presiding Commissioner, Jim Viebrock, says he will not run for the position again.

Miss America:
Miss New York won Miss America over the weekend.  Her Indian decent has caused a lot of social media buzz.

There are rumors that the new Miss America was talking smack about the former Miss America's weight.

Four Oklahoma girls opened carried in a Marshfield Walmart and were questioned by police officers.

Yesterday President Obama allowed America to arm al Qaeda in Syria.

Alex Jones is saying that the Navy shooting may be a conspiracy theory to get us to stop talking about Syria.

A high school in Denton, Texas has included separation of church and state in it's textbook when listing the Constitution.

On September 17th the US Constitution was completed and signed delegates to the Philadelphia Convention in 1787.

Senator Vitter (Louisiana) is attempting to keep politicians from exempting themselves from Obamacare and Democrats respond.