Must Read- Sept. 18, 2013: E-Cigarettes, Navy Yard AR-15, FTC

CREATED Sep 18, 2013

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Navy Yard Shooting:
It was reported that Aaron Alexis had an AR-15 on him when he was shooting at the Navy Yard, however it has come to light that he tried to buy one and was denied.

In 1993 President Clinton made military establishments gun-free zones.

Democrats are asking President Obama to put new restrictions on cigars and e-cigarettes because they believe there are loopholes that allow them to target children.

Federal Trade Commission:
In December the FTC will hold a workshop to look at online advertising that looks like social media posts and online content.

Disabled American Veterans:

Starbucks and Guns:
Starbucks is telling its customers that they don't prefer guns in their stores, but if you wear one, they won't say anything.

Census Bureau:
New statistics have come out regarding American families.