Must Read: Jan 29, 2014: Homeless Camps, ICE on Amnesty, Obama on 2006 Debt Limit

CREATED Jan 29, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 29, 2014

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  • Homeless man sleeping on grass Image by MGN Online- waferboard / Flickr

Springfield Police: 
Springfield Police are looking at working with businesses to use their surveillance cameras for observing crime in the city. 

Some homeless don't want to spend the night in shelters, so they have been setting up camps around town. Employees for the Public Works department have been tearing down homeless camps on private property. 

State of the Union:
President Obama wants to raise the minimum wage. 

Missouri Representatives give their thoughts as to Obama's State of the Union. 

Illegal Immigration:
President Obama invited illegal immigrants to the State of the Union address while the Obama administration refuses to meet with ICE agents regarding immigration. 

Debt Ceiling:
Republicans are already planning on folding when it comes to raising the debt ceiling.  

In 2006, Presidnet Obama said raising the debt ceiling is due to a lack of leadership. 

Three Republican Senators annouced the Republican replacement to Obamacare called CARE.  We are learning just how much it will cost Americans. 

Norway has nominated Edward Snowden for a Nobel Peace Prize for exposing the US surveillance program.