Must Read July 25, 2013: SEAL Team 6 Crash, Springfield Lawsuit, Fearful Rescued Family

CREATED Jul 25, 2013

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Seal Team 6 Helicopter Crash:
Rep. Jason Chaffetz has announced an investigation into a helicopter crash in 2011 that killed 22 members of SEAL Team 6.

Flashback: August 2011

American Idol Lawsuit:
10 black American Idol contestants are suing the show saying they were kicked off due to their race.  They are each seeking $25 Million.

NSA Surveillance:
In a vote of 205-217, the house rejected an amendment to end the blanket collection of records under the Patriot Act.

Drunk History:
Drunk History is a weekly show on Comedy Central.  The narrator of the show is drunk and tells history stories while a-list actors act out what is he explaining.

Marijuana Petition:
A petition was filed in Springfield to lessen the penalty of marijuana possession.  The petition was passed by the Springfield council and then shortly after the council repealed the ordinance.  Now there is a lawsuit against Springfield.

Springfield Walmart:
A Missouri Circuit Judge ruled in favor of Life360 church to give them permission to sell their land to Walmart.  Anti-Walmart petitioners are not happy with the verdict and may take the ruling to a higher court.

Zimmerman Rescue:
The family that George Zimmerman rescued after a car accident wanted to thank their rescuers in a press conference, but have canceled it due to possible push-back from Zimmerman haters.

Several days after the Zimmerman verdict, he saved a family who was involved in a car accident.

A stripper who saved $1M cash to buy a club had it taken from her in Nebraska when a cop pulled her over.  A judge has ruled they must return the money to the stripper.