Must Read May 5, 2014: Climate Change Chickens, Immigration Beacons, Early Voting

CREATED May 5, 2014 - UPDATED: May 5, 2014

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  • Chickens and Rooster Image by MGN Online- WPBN/WTOM

Climate Change:
Federal money is being used to study chickens in Africa.  The are wanting to see how we can make American chickens to stand warmer weather. 

Psychologists say they have seen a rise in anxiety in young people and believe it may be due to the talk about the end of the world and climate change. 


Illegal Immigration:
Nancy Pelosi is saying that passing amnesty is more important to her than being speaker again and that the GOP should be brave enough to pass Amnesty in tribute of Cinco De Mayo. 

Last week a plan was rolled out to help illegal immigrants be more comfortable when breaking into America. 

Because you support traditional marriage you are labeled anti-gay. 

Miss Gay America:
The Miss Gay America pageant is for males 21 and up. 

Sex in School:
It seems like daily reports are coming out about teachers, or administrators having sex in school or with students. 

Early Voting in Missouri:
Over 300,000 signatures have been turned in to put a measure on the ballot to allow early voting.