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June 17, 2014: Free Cash, Troops to Iraq, Hillary's Book Sales

CREATED Jun 17, 2014

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  • Journal Employee Chase Snider found some hidden cash in Springfield Image by KSGF

Hillary's Book:
Hoping to sell 150,000 books the first week, Hillary's book only sold 60,000 hard cover books and 24,000 ebooks

After saying he wouldn't, President Obama is sending soldiers to Iraq. 

Free Money: 
Someone is hiding free money around Springfield. A guy from our office was the first one to find it. 

New York is considering offering free citizenship and voting rights to illegals who have paid taxes for three years. 

Who will be named a "Champion of Change?"

Supreme Court:
Truth in political advertising is being debated in front of the Supreme Court. 

A Nevada Democrat says he refuses to accept an invitation to come to a Redskins game until the team changes its name. 

Michelle Obama:
Michelle Obama said that even though she's smart, a doctor had to pull her aside to talk about how to feed her kids well.