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Kortni Tucker

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You have probably clicked on this page because you want to get to know a little more about me. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas. I went to school where we had a school shooting before school shootings were cool in the media. (Thankfully the shooting was after school.  I was there but wasn't close to the area.) Because of that we ended up with school uniforms and I have VERY strong opinions on uniforms in public schools; don’t get me started on that soap-box! I ended up in Springfield because I went to Evangel for broadcasting and while I was there I interned for Power 96.5 (owned by the company I work for now).

-+Getting+ready+to+go+to+Jacksonville%2C+FL+for+the+Paul+Wright+concert...+as+a+fan%21++%282004%29After graduation I moved to Dallas to work in promotions at a classic rock station. I wanted something more full-time so I ended up in South Georgia (Ashburn if you are interested) working for three Christian radio stations, and I got what I asked for, it was beyond a full-time job. I had my hand in EVERYTHING from on-air, promotions, programming, making commercials, and more. There were some transitions at the station so I ended up back here in Springfield working for Z106.7 producing locally for Lex & Terry. Then came more transitions, and I was offered a position here at KSGF.

I am not gonna hide my little secret from you guys; I was not too excited about working in news-talk (but I was excited to have a job still in radio). When I grew up my dad used to make us listen to Rush on the way home from church on Sunday morning and I just wanted to die. Plus, we only had one (good) tv when I was younger and he would make me watch Crossfire. It was SO painful as a kid! I can’t remember my conversion to a news-talk junkie, but I am totally one now; I think it is the cynicism in me always looking for the hidden agenda.

Here is what you probably really wanted to know… I live with my adorable, but not so smart, black and white Cocker Spaniel named Fig Newton that I got from the SW MO Humane Society in late 2011. I tell people he’s book smart, just not so street smart… cause it’s true! I could train him to sit and lay down but I can’t keep him from running into shut doors.

-+Kortni%27s+Stitch+ClubIn my free time I am a bit of a geek. I have been part of a book club for years and years, it’s called the “Mind’s Brew.” Don’t worry, we know it’s a dorky name and make fun of it every chance we get! I also am part of a group of girls in our 30's (and I will not tell you our name cause it’s not family friendly) that get together and do crocheting and knitting. Dork, I know! Between that, attending a local Springfield church (ps- my pastor talks politics from the pulpit and I LOVE it), and hanging out with good friends, I try to keep myself pretty busy and enjoying life… no matter how dorky it may be!

Thanks for listening to 104.1 KSGF.  I am really glad you do because it keeps me employed!  Make sure you listen everywhere you go!  Listen in your car (make it preset 1), on your phone (download the 104.1 KSGF app), and on your computer (listening to streaming l

Peace Out!
Kortni Tucker
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 Goofing aroud with my sister on a family trip.  Ziplining in Jamaica with my brother-in-law, mother, sister and dad Family trip to Callifornia to visit Kortni's sister. 
Kortni's first time out shooting. My dream- to visit Australia White Water rafting in Auckland, New Zealand

In the Bahamas with college friends from Evangel. A costume I made for the Halloween work party. My Junior year dance squad picture.
Kortni turns 12 (1992) Kortni and her baby sister Little Kortni playing with her mom's wedding stuff

Springfield, MO

NNE at 9 mph

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