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Nick Reed

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Hey all!  Thanks for stopping by my bio.  Thought I should jot down a couple of things about myself so that stopping by is somewhat worth it. 

-+Nick+Reed+sophomore+yearI got into radio when I was 15.  I was a Sophomore at Carthage High School when the local radio station called the counselors office looking for someone who was willing to work 3 hours on Sundays.  I happened to be the first kid to walk by the counselor's office after the call, so I got the job.  It involved putting a CD in a player for one hour then switching it, then repeating the process.  Pretty tough stuff.

One Sunday while putting CDs in the CD player, a DJ from the other station in the building decided he wanted to leave early.  I was the only other person in the building.  He showed me how to turn on the microphone for his station then left.  That was my first on air experience.

I would stay with music stations for some time in Carthage then Joplin.  I was Nick "Manhattan" on the Joplin airwaves for Kissin' 92.5.  It was a stupid air name but I was young.  I would end up programming the station.  After a number of years I would take a shot at talk radio.

-+Nick+Reed+in+UkraineI liked talk radio as long as I had been listening to the radio.  After I (and several others) got blown out of our jobs with a format change, I found myself without a job.  Across town, there was a  talk radio station.  I called the General Manager and asked if he would be interested in adding a local show.  He said he was, but had no budget to pay anyone.  

A couple of hours later I got to thinking.  I wasn't making money anyway, so who cares if he can't pay me?  I called him back and said I would do it for free.  That was the start of my talk radio life.

After about a year I got an offer to program a station and host the morning show in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  A few years later I was on WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  There, I spent some time with talk radio and others in the news room.  I worked with some really great people, but was a bit unfulfilled.  I hated doing news.  I wanted to do the talk thing all the time.  So I began looking.

Just when I was mentally prepared to move to Louisville, Kentucky where a station was looking for a new mid-day host, I got a call about an opening in Springfield, Missouri.  In other words....home.  And that is how I ended up back home in the Ozarks.

On a personal level, I love movies.  I know that seems like a real cliche thing to say, but it is true.  I like most genres, except for romance.  I also like European soccer and playing PS3 every so often.

That is just about it, I suppose.  I know it isn't really exciting, but that is who I am.  I also think I am better looking than I actually am.

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