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- Kortni TuckerHave you ever had a question that you wanted to ask someone on the morning show but you thought it was too silly to ask or you didn't think it was important enough to call in about?

Nick and I were chatting this morning about how you could have better access to us and be able to ask us those things that you have wondered but never thought it was the right time or place to ask.

What we will do is on Monday or Tuesday mornings after the show Nick & I will go through some of those questions and answer them for you.  We are going to record it because we are both kinda lazy and don't like writing much.  We will then post it as a special podcast so you can go back and listen to us goof around and answer your questions. 

Feel free to ask whatever you want; it doesn't have to be political.  If we can pull Larry's arm, we may get him to stick around and answer some questions as well... or maybe have a special Larry Wright episode.  So, here is your chance to ask all of those weird, random, silly, and even serious questions that we never get to.

Have fun!  Click here to email me your questions and I will collect them... because I know if they go to Nick they will get lost or you can comment on this blog post and I will make sure to gather those up as well.



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