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Charles Ramsey: The Next Auto-tune Superstar

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This blog is completely pointless. It is just to help you waste time at work and make you smile. That being said…

When I heard the Charles Ramsey interview (the man who helped the three missing women in Ohio) I KNEW that he would be the next auto-tune sensation. The thing is, everyone is trying to be the next auto-tune producer. There are so many Charles Ramsey auto-tunes to chose from, and quite frankly most of the SUCK!

What these people fail to understand is that songs have verses and a chorus. Now, I know that there is only so much to do with a news interview that is about 90 seconds… but still it has been done successfully in the past.

Here are the two best Charles Ramsey auto-tune I have found so far.

Here is The Charles Ramsey "Dead Giveaway"

 Here are some of the more successful auto-tunes I like. The “backing up” song…

And of course you can't forget Sweet Brown and "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"

There is always Charlie Sheen and the auto-tune of his interview... "winning"

While doing my extensive research (wink, wink), Nick Reed got out of his meeting so I asked him about his favorite auto-tune.  His choice... "Smash, Smash, Smash!"

Hope this helped you waste some time and made you laugh a little.


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