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The not-so-friendly gift I gave myself in Mexico

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- Kortni TuckerSo, as you might have heard I was on the KSGF cruise last week. It was an AMAZING trip with stops in Belize, Honduras, and a couple stops in Mexico.

The last stop we had was in Costa Maya Mexico, and I took a nice educational tour to a Mayan family’s house. I learned a lot about their culture and then they fed me. I am pretty dang sure I have Montezuma’s Revenge now!!! I didn’t drink any of their water, but I am sure something was in the food that my sensitive American belly just wasn’t used to.

The first few days I had it I assumed my innards were just working overtime from the massive amounts of food we were consuming on the ship. Once Tuesday came along, and I was very much back into the grind of normal eating, my belly was telling me a different story.

I guess next time I am on a cruise I won’t joke about purposefully trying to get Montezuma’s Revenge as a diet plan to lose my cruise weight.

Thankfully it’s just a mild version; it’s extremely tolerable compared to what it could be because then that wouldn’t be nearly as funny. It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself.

Check out the KSGF cruise pictures here. 

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