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Yes, I Am the Crazy Neighbor

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Last night I was out walking my puppy Fig Newton. (He's a black & white cocker spaniel I adopted from the Humane Society).  It was cold outside, so I grabbed some protection on the way out the door.

There were several people out walking their dogs and I noticed something in particular.  Everyone was wearing jackets.  How crazy to think that just a few weeks ago I
 was wearing flip flops.   

People were being friendly, but you could tell they were a bit suspicious of me.
 I was trying to figure out what was going on and then I realized it.  I was wearing my bathrobe!!!

Yes, I am officially the crazy neighbor in my apartment complex who wears her bathrobe in public.  To top it off I
 was wearing my giant galoshes too.  I am sure I was a sight for sore eyes!  

Next thing you know I
 am going to be wearing sweatpants that say "juicy" across the butt and my monkey slippers to Wal-Mart. 



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