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Michael Savage

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Michael Alan Weiner (born March 31, 1942 in New York City), better known by his pseudonym Michael Savage, is an American radio host, author, and conservative political commentator. His nationally-syndicated talk show, The Savage Nation, airs throughout the United States on Talk Radio Network. He holds master's degrees in medical botany and medical anthropology and he earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in nutritional ethnomedicine. As Michael Weiner, he has written books on herbal medicine and homeopathy. As Michael Savage, he has written four New York Times bestsellers. His radio show reaches some 8 million listeners on 400 stations throughout the United States.

Savage has summarized his political philosophy in three words: borders, language, and cultureConsequently, he outspokenly opposes illegal immigration, a supporter of the English-only movement, and claims that liberalism and same-sex marriage are degrading American culture. Although his radio delivery is sometimes characterized by colorful language and a confrontational approach, much of his show involves ruminating on topics such as history, culture (food, books, television), health issues, and personal anecdotes. His show is peppered with such phrases as "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder", and many of his comments have earned Savage the criticism of liberal groups and moderates.

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